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Fieldwork to accompany PERSONAL PROCESSES




Family and partnership


   seeing the essential

•  overcoming obstructing patterns

•  giving new impulses

Profession and Career


making important decisions

solving conflicts in teams

formulating new goals and aims




Systemic consultation and constellations


Systemic constellations allow us to examine all kinds of connections for example, family, physical and work systems.

The systemic point of view changes the way we perceive our life situation and relationships.

We can experience how physical, professional, emotional or partnership problems are often interwoven with unconscious fate,

entanglements, unseen elements and concepts in a system.


Through a systemic constellation we can recognise such connections and can bring them into light.

This then releases a healing movement in the field. Via systemic consultation as well as systemic constellation

the current situation is examined through resolving entanglements and a new healthy image can be found.


All questions and issues can be dealt with. No prior knowledge is necessary.




Systemic constellation in a group


How does a systemic constellation work?

The participants in the group (representatives) are named by the client, as elements, people or themes in the their system,

they are placed in the room and then the consultant asks them about their perceptions.


Experience shows that during a constellation the representatives often feel and speak, or even show the same physical symptoms

as the person who they are representing. First of all the current state is depicted. Then an encounter with the client occurs.

In the course of the process, and using careful and minimal interventions, a new image for the client is found.

This inner image effects the soul deep down and opens up new courses of action and can activate the self healing process.




One to one systemic consultation


In a one to one session the client uses symbols or figures themselves to empathise with the representatives.

Questions about partnership, children, physical symptoms, professional situation, conflicts in teams as well as goals,

desires and plans can all be examined and worked on. Obstructing patterns and positions are revealed and can be changed.

Through exercises, the new inner image is integrated in daily life and leads to new ways of thinking and behaving.


I also offer couple's consultations. According to Thomas Hübl's principle, “the movements that are being allowed in a

relational space make healing possible”.

A safe space emerges in which each partner is listened to and listens and flow is possible again.













The field or the matrix is the carrier of all essential information about our experiences, emotions, beliefs as well as our desires, dreams and goals.


With the help of the 2point method we can easily and effectively reach ethereal changes in the field.

In this method the first point is linked with a concept and the second linked with an optimal solution.

Through the parallel perception and therefore the connection of the two points, the concept's resonance patterns are changed.

These changes in resonance patterns are very deep and can be felt physically, sometimes through deep breathing, laughing, tears, falling over, sometimes long after the treatment itself The whole system is reordered.


The  2point method can be booked in workshops and one to one sessions and learnt in a weekend seminar.




“In der Matrix löst sich die Trennung zwischen Kunstwerk und Künstler auf: Wir sind genauso die Leinwand

wie auch die Bilder, die auf ihr abgebildet sind. Wir sind die Werkzeuge und der Künstler, der sie einsetzt”

(Gregg Braden)



In a field beyond right and wrong we will meet.


Das Feld ist unsere einzige Wirklichkeit.

(Albert Einstein)

Body and Soul


strengthening self healing powers

accompanying change

enabling personal growth


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